Are you a songwriter, artist or producer looking to make additional funds out of your songs? We’d be surprised if you answered no to that! Obviously, you are able to go it alone, but after you get to a specific point within your music profession, you could want to get some assistance. This is exactly where a music publisher comes in.




Music publishers can help you earn funds from your songs within a number of methods and can actively look for ways to use your music on your behalf.


Essentially the most typical way that a publisher will use your music in your behalf is by licensing your tracks out to become utilized in the media, including Tv, films and adverts. This can be named synchronisation or ‘sync’. Your publisher may also be responsible for issuing the licenses and ensuring you get a good deal.


Publishers generally charge on a commission basis, which generally performs inside your favour, as they will only receive earnings in the event you do. This offers them the incentive to secure you as much earnings as possible. The percentage that they take is determined by your contract with them and also you should always seek legal advice when negotiating an agreement.


Alternatively, an additional way some music publishers aid artists is by finding individuals for you to collaborate with and co-write with or for.


Finally, a publisher’s function also includes collecting the revenue from uses as well as the licenses that they issued. They make certain that you get the cash that is due to you and that what you acquire is right.


The Advantages of publishing

Sync could be a beneficial form of revenue, providing you not merely royalties but also an upfront charge, usually in the hundreds or a large number of pounds, along with a decent quantity of exposure.

More than the years, specifically considering that Napster (I am sure you realize that story) sync has become a lot more and much more crucial for artists, so it’s worth looking into. Sync typically involves signing to a publisher and/or record label.

In addition to sync deals, by collaborating and co-writing you’ll be able to add a lot more songs to you repertoire, particularly ones which can be maybe slightly distinct from your usual style. This could be helpful since it gives you a a lot more varied catalogue, opening you as much as more opportunities.

There’s also the direct advantage you get from it, which can be not only in songwriting but any kind of collaboration that is cross promotion. If you collaborate, then you’re exposing your self for your partner’s audience, which need to get you more fans.



The part in the Publisher is depending on copyright, that is the rights that you have for your music.


Copyright is split into two principal sections: copyright inside the song (identified as publishing rights) and copyright within the sound recording (identified as master rights). The publisher only deals with the publishing appropriate, which is the songwriting side and consists of the music and lyrics.


Traditionally, a record label will personal the master right, which is basically the proper to utilize a specific recording of that song, but if you are a self-releasing artist or producer then you will most likely own this right yourself.


Inside a publishing agreement, you are going to normally assign the publisher your publishing copyright, to utilize and license your songs on your behalf. This indicates you are no longer permitted to complete this oneself.


Do it your self

If you are not ready for any publisher or if you’re not interested in assigning your rights, you are able to do it your self or find other platforms to help you.

Music publishing is easy with our guide

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