Most musicians start by learning other people’s material but as they start to progress in their skills, they want to write their own songs. Many musicians don’t know how to start writing songs so this guide will help you write your first songs or make your current songs or song ideas even better.


Find a Good Tone

The first place to start is to simply find a great tone that you like. This could come from your sensitizer, guitar, bass, or anything else that you’re using as an instrument. Try to do something with your music gear that you haven’t done before and look for a tone that is appealing to you. This could come from the arrangement of effects, some different preset on your gear, and so on. You’re looking for a tone that you like and one that will inspire you to write something. Try to change your gear up in a way that you haven’t used it before and then look for the ones that are locked inside. You may have equipment that has a wide variety of tones so you can choose one that you like and then go from there.


The Song Structure

There are many different ways to create a song structure. By planning out your song prior to writing it will give you a guide of how to proceed. for example, a common song will have a verse, chorus, verse, and so on. As you write your song, you may find that the song structure is going to change so you should change it along with how you feel the song should be. As long as you have some sort of plan for your song it’s going to make it easier for you to write it. You may start by writing a simple chorus and then write the verses around that chorus.


The Hook

Songs often start from a vocal hook or a groove. You have a melody that is very singable or catchy and this becomes the focal point of the song. The most memorable songs in existence have a very catchy hook or melody that makes them a listenable and enjoyable. Even if you don’t have the best of lyrics in the world a great hook can make the song stand out.


The Groove

Try to get a drum groove into your digital audio workstation or use a Looper pedal to create a nice rhythm. A solid drum track can give you the beat that you need to create your song and it can be a source of inspiration. You can create the groove and then put a melody on top of this just to start to flush out the song. Once you have a groove and a solid melody you can start to improvise over this to improve the song even more.


The Harmony

Once you have an idea for a song, Try to plug some chords into the song and work on different chord progressions. Different chords put together have different feelings and different keys also have different feelings. Try the song in different keys and see how it sounds to you. The song might sound good in major but sounds even better in a minor key. don’t be afraid to experiment with your chords in to try something that you haven’t used before to see how it sounds in your song. Just by changing a chord slightly you can get a very different feel for it. Sometimes even the slightest change in a chord can yield excellent results.


Lyric First

There is no set rule that you have to start with music first. You could simply write a lyric and then try to improvise over this lyric with some chords, a melody, and so on. Sometimes the best songs will come with a simple line or even a few words that you can expand upon as you start to write the song. You may not even have the best lyrics in the world but as you start writing, you can begin to expand upon your initial idea to create something amazing.



A riff is a short melodic phrase that can be very catchy. Some of the best music in the world has very catchy riffs that everyone knows and can repeat easily. These short riffs are what can make a simple song amazing. You can create one using any instrument and this can become a focal point of the song and become one of the most memorable parts of the song especially if it is paired with a good lyric.



The first step in starting a song is to actually get started. You don’t have to create the song all at once, it can come together over time. Don’t be afraid to begin to write songs and the more you write songs the easier it will become for you. Try various approaches to writing your songs and don’t be afraid to experiment.

How to Start a Song

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