Every new song or composition has to start from nowhere. You may have released one album or several. You may have just completed a whirlwind tour. You may have been in the industry for ten long years. You would still need to go back and start writing a new song or working on a new composition. This is never easy. Very few musicians are overloaded with inspiration and can belt out one song after another. Most musicians will have to undergo a rejuvenation phase to keep the creativity thriving. Here is a comprehensive guide for songwriters, musicians and bands to start a new song or composition.


Explore a New Approach

Songwriters and musicians have their own approaches to creating something new. Many songwriters spend long hours alone and explore their thoughts to pen down the words. Many musicians routinely jam as a group and explore new sounds. Some songwriters and musicians like to hit the road, travel or trek and experience the world to seek inspiration. You can choose any approach that works for you. However, the same approach may not work every time.


It is often useful to change the process of songwriting. Artists may not be at their creative best when everything becomes predictability. Uncertainty, discomfort or challenge fuels innovation. The same mundane routine can kill the creative instincts. Songwriters and musicians should try new instruments, listen to new sounds, study works of other artists or collaborate with likeminded bands and experiment, both inside the studio and outside.


There has to be some freedom during this process. The process itself has to be exciting. There should be something an artist can look forward to. If it becomes a routine and activity becomes a chore, then creativity is the first casualty.


Prioritize the Basics


Most artists who have gone through the rigors of getting produced and have experience some degree of success will often get trapped within the ambit of the final outcome. The process of creating any form of art cannot be reverse engineering. You cannot focus on the outcome of the subsequent production and then imagine how you will get to the scratch. It is necessary to begin with the basics.


Begin with an unwavering focus on lyrics, try the basic acoustic versions and then explore the possible variants. Only then should you consider the plethora of additions, enhancements, mixing, layering or stacking and the other effects that will improve the song. It helps when artists practice simplicity during the creative process.


Search for New Music


In this day and age, you need not travel to a far-off country to discover new sounds. You do not even have to reach out to find new artists or kinds of music that you are not familiar with. Go online and search for new music. You do not have to like everything you come across. It is quite possible there will be some rather odd productions. You may dislike most of what you find. You will also have to endure some amateur works. All these are an integral part of exploring new music.


No musician in the world has learned everything about this particular form of art. Even the most celebrated stars in the industry continuously explore new sounds, styles and compositions. The more you discover, more shall you learn. This learning process is crucial, especially for those who are working on music from scratch. Even those who come in during the later stages of creating music have to stay abreast of all latest developments. They too keep exploring new techniques to hone their skills and understanding of music.


Attend to your Physical and Mental Self


Self-care is crucial for all artists. All artists experience tremendous stress and they are exhausted after working on a project, releasing an album and finishing a tour. When the spotlight has faded, the chants have numbed and the bustles have calmed, it is time to focus on what matters more than everything else. Your physical and mental are top priority. Eat well, exercise and get adequate sleep every day. Spend time with your loved ones and do the normal things people indulge in. A normal, healthy and happy life does not inhibit creativity.




How to Start a New Song or Composition

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