Mastering is a critical step to completing your track. You want the master to enhance the qualities of the mix and to make it the best it can be. The mix and master style have to be matched together to get the best results so the music is the musical vision you originally intended it to be. You may have a question about what style to pick to get the perfect master which we will address so your mix sounds the best it can be.

Mastering Styles

A mastering style is an aesthetic approach that you take when processing your mix. From the earliest days of music, mastering has been performed to some degree or another to get the best sound possible. In today’s; music things are more diverse than ever before as we often want to mix and match styles to get your own unique feel. You may want to mix vintage tones, for example, but still maintain a more modern edge. You need to adapt mastering to different mixing philosophies as you want your style to fit it but you still want to preserve what you have created. LANDR AI can help you create the style you want. Here are some styles to think about:


A warm style as an intimate high end that is softer. There is a full low and midbass. Your tracks will have more weight to them with this style. You can fill out a harsh or a mix that is a bit thin.


This style has a fuller low-end which isn’t too weighed down and it’s articulate as well as clear on the high end. This is a nice default option when you’re not sure which one you might want.


In this style, the mid-range scoop is targeted so you have more liveliness and openness in your mix. It is articulate and clear and the low end is punchy and solid. If you have faster tempo tracks this one is good as it produces a nice modern sound to the track.

Creating the Right mastering Track for the Mix

Once you have a style in mind, you’re set to pick the right approach to the master. Some points to keep mind:

  • What do you need the master to do?
  • Do you need more air and punch or do you want the sonic signature to be warmed and smooth?
  • What master would be most beneficial to the track and the way you mix it?

Try to decide exactly what you want so you can make your vision come to life. You need to listen critically to the music to make the right decisions about it.

Pick the Mix Character

You need to know what is going into the mix as well as what will be coming out. To pick the right style you have to know what type of mix you’ll be sending to the AI which will be doing the mastering. You should identify the mix characteristics by using mix referencing. For example, if you’re looking at a track that used 70s rock, you have to keep in mind the style of that era a sit will have an influence on the style that you pick through the LANDR AI. As you compare you should listen to:

  • The contour or the EQ
  • The dynamics
  • The frequency and the level range of the various elements

You should compare the mixes to determine the differences between each one. Take the information you gain from your comparisons to make decisions about the master you intend to create. For example, the mix could have a lot of high ends which you might not need for your modern style. You may have lows that are too gentle which need to be reinforced somewhat. Take the time to do comparisons to get the best master possible.

Try Different Styles

Once you have a sense of what you want for your mix. You can try the different mastering styles and see how these work with the track you have. The style needs to emphasize the parts you want from the production. Think about the EQ, compression, loudness and how the mastering process will impact them. You can use volume matching to match the levels of the mastered track with your original to make the best decision about the mastering process.


The style you pick should be a reflection of your own personal style. When mastering and picking a style make it a reflection of your own personality. You want your own personal touches on the work you create to bring the entire project to life. Use the mastering styles provided by LANDR as it uses advanced AI to help you create the master. These will help you create the final product the best tracks possible.

Choose the Right Mastering Style for Your Mix

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