Most music lovers from across the world rely on online streaming platforms for their daily dose of songs and tunes. And when it comes to music streaming platforms, Spotify is the undisputed king with over 130 million active monthly users. This number speaks volumes about the impact it has had on the music industry in recent years.  

A healthy follower base on Spotify can do wonders for your music career. But finding the right mix of promotion techniques to reach your target audience can be incredibly difficult for new artists. The competition is getting tougher, and it is essential for you to up your Spotify game by any means available. 

Here are five legitimate and effective ways to promote your music on Spotify.

Artist Profile Verification

It is no surprise that every other established and aspiring artist has a presence on Spotify due to its massive user base. And there is also a possibility of someone making a fake profile by your name! It is crucial to stand out within this sea of profiles. Thankfully, the service itself provides you with the ideal way of doing that: getting your artist profile verified.

A verified profile on Spotify is indicated by a blue tick, which is considered a sign of legitimacy. It will denote that you are, in fact, a real artist. Not only will this add credibility to your account, but it will also provide a means of promoting your content. Spotify automatically suggests music from verified profiles to its users through sophisticated algorithms, thus further expanding your outreach to millions of additional users on the platform.  

Frequent Uploads

Quality is unarguably better than quantity, but let’s not forget the sheer significance of the latter. It is crucial to frequently upload new music on Spotify without compromising on the standards you’ve established for your content.

Gaining some quick fame is relatively easy because all you’ve got to do is make some astounding music. And if you’ve got the talent for it, that’s sure to happen. Nevertheless, maintaining that fame is where the real problem arises. If you fail to post valuable content on Spotify regularly, some people may even call you a “one-hit-wonder.” And as a musician, that’s the last thing you’d want. 

Also, the Spotify algorithms are quick to notice whether you’re active or not, and long-lasting inactivity can negatively impact the frequency at which they suggest your content to users. Therefore, consistently posting fresh content is a must for effective promotion!


Collaborating with other musicians can open up significant opportunities for you to expand your Spotify audience. Getting featured on another artist’s playlist is exciting for your current fans and is also an effective means of gaining new followers and plays.

All prominent musicians have a large following on the platform. And by collaborating with them, you’ll be able to market yourself among diverse audiences. It will also help you to improve your skill-set by learning from the best in the business. 

Social Media Marketing

Restricting your promotion techniques to Spotify can put your career at risk, which is why it is essential to branch out. And what better means of doing that than through trendy social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook? 

These platforms have gained immense popularity over the past decade or so. Utilizing them to their fullest may just be one of the most effective ways to supercharge your Spotify follower base and plays. 

Be sure to establish a prominent online following, and to share your music regularly. Using effective social media marketing strategies will most definitely bring in a larger Spotify audience. 

Spotify Promotion Service

An organic Spotify promotion service is, by far, the best way to quickly promote your music on the platform. This sort of service allows you to buy real Spotify plays and followers without making any effort on your part. The hassle of promoting your content is, thus, removed from your shoulders, allowing you to divert all of your attention towards making better music for your fans. When you buy real Spotify plays and followers from a trusted supplier, it will give your content the much needed initial kick. As a musician, what more could you ask for?

Final Thoughts

The correct use of Spotify will undoubtedly improve your chances of becoming a successful musician. Use the above tips and tricks to promote your content on the platform, and you’re bound to hit the jackpot! 

5 Legitimate Spotify Promotion Methods

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